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Shoulder Pain

Overcome Shoulder Pain And Stiffness Naturally: No Medications, Surgery, Or Doctor's Visits Required!

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Common Shoulder Disorders We Treat:

Typical Causes

MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation's Approach

  1. Proper Shoulder and Thoracic (Midback) Posture.
  2. Reduce Tension in the Muscles of the Shoulder and Upper Back.
  3. Increase the Flexibility of the Shoulder and Chest Muscles.
  4. Manipulation, Manual Joint Mobilization, and Manual Traction: Can help to improve joint mobility.
  5. Strengthen the Muscles that Support the Shoulder Blade and Rotator Cuff.
  6. Massage, Instrument-Assisted Mobilization, and Cupping: Can all help to increase tissue mobility.
  7. Specific Nerve Exercises: Can help to reduce nerve sensitivity (numbness, tingling, and pain that extends down the arm).
  8. Develop Your Functional and Plyometric Exercises: (Throwing, catching, pushing, pulling, pressing)

Important Facts to Remember

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For expert advice and lasting solutions to your shoulder pain, schedule a complimentary call with Dr. Kyle Hardwick at MoveStrong Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Scotts Valley, California. There’s no obligation to book an appointment after the call. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your next steps toward recovery.

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- Ruth N.

Dr. Kyle Hardwick is great at what he does! I highly recommend him to anyone. He has a great and positive personality. He’s always willing to make you feel better and give you suggestions to help with different problem areas.

- John S.

I’ve had a problem with my back for several days. Today 9/13/21, I saw Dr Hardwick and he taught me some stretches that were extremely helpful. Would recommend. Thanks
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